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COVID-19 takes toll on immigrant, refugees in Nashville Diocese

Jul 19, 2020 News
Middle Tennessee's immigrant and refugee communities have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 virus. In response, parishes and Catholic Charities of Tennessee have been trying to provide the spiritual and material support they need to persevere through the pandemic.

Uncertain times are a call to build a better world, bishop tells police

Jun 25, 2020 News
As tensions continue to mount in the United States, law enforcement, police officers and first responders should not be disheartened and work to better themselves in service to their local community, said Bishop Daniel E. Flores of Brownsville, Texas.

Bishops praise Bolivians who seize drug-trafficking plane at airstrip

Jun 25, 2020 News
Bishops in Bolivia's Amazon region praised residents of a small town who seized a light plane, apparently owned by drug traffickers, that had violated their ban on landing at the local airstrip.

Mark Wahlberg’s faith journey leaves impression on young adults

Jun 8, 2020 News
Hearing the faith journey of Hollywood actor and businessman Mark Wahlberg left an impression on the hearts of many young adults at the Archdiocese of Chicago's first (re)Encounter event Oct. 20 at the UIC Pavilion.

God’s love will help US return to its true ideals, cardinal says

Jun 6, 2020 News
Praying for George Floyd and all those who suffer from discrimination and violence in the United States, a top U.S. cardinal said Christians cannot hold any hatred or contempt in their heart when it is filled with God's love.

Floyd’s death demands examination of conscience, archbishop says

Jun 5, 2020 News
Amid the turmoil following George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda said the Catholic Church must proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus' love for all people, as well as its teaching on the dignity of human life.

Parish sells masks to help retired bishops, priests, imams

Jun 5, 2020 News
Raising money by selling white cloth face masks, a parish in the Ivory Coast has begun a project to provide food and other necessities to retired bishops, priests, ministers and imams.

Marking World Environment Day, pope says: Don’t look the other way

Jun 5, 2020 News
Building a healthier, better world depends on everyone, Pope Francis said in his message marking World Environment Day June 5.

Bishops around US express sorrow over Floyd killing, racism

Jun 5, 2020 News
Even as the United States still finds itself grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, outrage, grief and anger over the latest killing of an unarmed black man outweighed caution as hundreds of thousands turned out nationwide to protest and many of the country's Catholic bishops joined the calls for justice.